May 2015

Dhaman Rakhra – The Richard Crenian Entrepreneur of 2015

I am proud to announce the winner of the 2015 Crenian Entrepreneur of the Year, Dhaman Rakhra!

Dhaman is a graduate of the International Bachelor of Business Administration program from the Schulich School of Business at […]

The Importance of Due Diligence

With current low interest rates, it’s making other types of investments look scary. Alongside, equity is soaring, causing many Canadians to make new real estate investments this year. The safety and profitability of those investments […]

What Does Shopify’s IPO Mean For Retail Property Investors?

Shopify just launched a largely successful IPO on the TSX. However, many are wondering what the commerce services firm’s IPO really indicates is ahead for retail, commercial real estate and investors.

The Canadian firm raised more […]

How Technology Is Improving the Real Estate Marketplace

The large amounts of data technology companies generate are now altering and arguably improving the real estate marketplace on many fronts.

Social media profiles, fitness bands, smartwatches, internet browsing activity and shopping habits are all helping […]

What Current US Retail Statistics Tell Us

A new Global Investment Trends survey paints a bullish outlook for retail property in 2015. Almost 90 percent of American investors say they expect their investments to grow this year with expectations in excess of […]

What Warren Buffett Thinks You Should Look For in a Real Estate Investment Manager

At the recent Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting Warren Buffett again highlighted the type of person he’s looking to select as his successor. It’s no secret Buffett has been incredibly bullish on American real estate […]

Balancing Monetary Funds When Purchasing Properties

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been warning consumers to guard themselves from overexposure again. Does that mean the Canadian economy and its citizens are struggling with debt?

What Are Canadians Spending Their Money On?

According to […]

ReDev sells two properties, more deals to come

Plunging oil prices and a slumping Canadian dollar may be bad news for the country’s economy, as per the Bank of Canada’s recent analysis, but don’t tell that to Richard Crenian.

ReDev Properties“I’m so busy, it […]

How Will Rent Controls Really Affect Canadian Real Estate?

New political leadership changes suggest that increased rent controls maybe on its way. So what’s the big fuss about rent controls and what role will Canadian real estate investors play in the next steps?

Some Canadian […]

The Most Important Factors Commercial Landlords Need To Serve Tenants

For commercial landlords to maximize occupancy and rental rates, they need to be great at positioning their buildings. A huge part of this is conveying the advantages of their spaces, and overcoming objections in advance. […]