August 2015

Investing Abroad: Is it Time for Canadian Investors to Take Flight?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about investing abroad. Could this be the right time to look further abroad for investments?

International Investment

There are several factors driving the international investment debate, including:

1. Currency fluctuation speculation
2. […]

Using Data to Predict Performance Of Real Estate Investments

Data is growing bigger by the minute. Yet, at SXSW last year the founder of Dell asked what is the point of all this big data unless it is being used? We’re all familiar with statistics, […]

The HGTV Effect on Canadian Real Estate

Image Source: Lord of the Wings©
The ‘HGTV Effect’ is spurring Canadian renovation spending toward the $100 billion mark. Some are split on whether this is good or bad for Canada.
Real estate reality TV shows no […]

Why Real Estate Values Should Matter to You

There is more than one way to value a property. There are standard appraisal methods for residential and commercial properties. Few really understand how these work. Then there can be other factors affecting current and future valuations, […]

Should You Be Concerned About the New Mortgage Fraud Revelations?

Image Source: David Goehring

One of Canada’s biggest mortgage lenders, Home Capital has been axing broker relationships after the discovery of ‘widespread’ fraud. More than 45 of the mortgage company’s brokers were responsible for $1 billion […]

How Will The New Sharing Economy Impact Canadian Real Estate?

Image Source: marke1996
Call it the ‘sharing economy’ or ‘the democratization of real estate’. New financial regulations, technology and mindsets are changing how Canadian real estate is bought, financed, managed and sold.
What is driving these […]