October 2015

Will Canada’s Housing Shortage Propel Commercial Real Estate Growth?

In spite of some warning that Canadian developers are overbuilding, the Canadian Real Estate Association is adamant that the nation’s major cities are currently experiencing a dramatic shortage in available housing inventory.

National House Prices Grow […]

ReDev Properties Commercial Real Estate Developments Make Headlines Again

ReDev Properties thrust back into the spotlight on securing new leases for two Alberta shopping plazas.

Mentions of ReDev Properties Ltd. securing two new substantial leases with Dollarama has made Bloomberg Business, The Street, and Morning […]

7.3 Million Americans To Begin Real Estate Buying Spree

America’s new home buying boom could just be warming up. RealtyTrac reports that 7.3M Americans are poised to become repeat home buyers after weathering the effects of the foreclosure crisis.

TransUnion estimates at least 2.2M of […]

Richard Crenian and ReDev Properties Ltd. Executes Leases with Dollarama at Kensington Commons and Inglewood Towne Centre

 TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2015 /CNW/ – Richard Crenian, President of ReDev Properties Ltd., is pleased to announce the completion of leases with Dollarama at Kensington Commons, located at 12504-137th Avenue, Edmonton, AB and Inglewood Towne Centre, […]

How Will These 6 New Tax Breaks Impact Canadian Real Estate?

The Toronto Star recently highlighted six new tax credits and breaks being promised to draw voters in the coming election. How might they affect real estate?

Renovation Tax Break

At $600 the home renovation tax break may not […]

How to Minimize Office Space Vacancy Rates

Some Canadian office building operators are reportedly battling higher vacancy rates, especially with new inventory coming online that still needs to be absorbed. Some buildings maybe vibrant and full, and others not so much. Marketing, connections and […]

Investing: Where To Hide From The Looming Tech Crash

How Big is the New Tech Bubble?

The new startup and tech bubble is likely far larger than most can fathom. Venture Beat reveals global funding of VC backed companies came in just shy of $100 billion […]

Leveraged Versus No Debt Investing

The debate between the pro-leverage versus anti-debt crowd is heating up.

The Anti-Credit Trend

The Financial Post, NerdWallet and Reuters have been raising the alarm over millennials refusing to use credit and it’s not just millennials either. […]

Investment Smarts for Uncertain Times

While the economy and markets are certainly on much betting footing than they were a decade ago, the media is still doing a good job of stressing out those that cling to every ticker flash […]

Building Startups vs. Income Investments

Is the Startup Trend Coming to an End?

Outrageous startup valuations where $1B seems to be the arbitrary number given to any new business dream, even if it is bleeding millions in losses, along with a […]