November 2015

Canadian Real Estate: It’s Time For Millennials To Change The Status Quo

Millennials have been doing great at driving trends in technology, retail, and more. Yet, for the most part it appears that many millennials could be allowing their housing and financial choices to be dictated by […]

Canada Loses Top US Trade Partner Status To China

Canada Surpassed by China

New statistics from the Globe and Mail shows China displacing Canada as the United States’ largest trading partner in 2015. During the first nine months of 2015, China’s trade with the U.S. […]

Charitable Giving to Create a Better Workplace

In the business world, everyone talks about how to inspire loyalty and energy in people. Research shows that loyalty is linked with the feeling of kinship with company values, a reflection of ideals and the […]

A Look At US Commercial Real Estate in Q4

How is the US commercial real estate market shaping up in the final quarter of 2015?

Some believed 2015 was going to be a mediocre year for real estate. How has it shaped up so far? […]

Why Wealthy Investors Keep Buying Expensive Property

International Real Estate Investment

International property investment, and especially capital flows into North America are on track for another massive year. Even as some continue to warn about a cooling of pace the Financial Post […]

Six Risk Reduction Tips for Your Investment Portfolio

Many asset classes appear a little murky right now, with both bulls and bears voicing their opinions in the headlines. Below lists smart moves Canadian investors can make to insulate themselves from weakness, yet benefit […]

SEC Plays Trick-or-Treat With Crowdfunding

Fresh off of Halloween the US Securities and Exchange Commission has delivered new approvals for online crowdfunding. Yet, many industry experts are predicting the new Title III vote could mean a big flop for many. […]

Preparing For Potential Housing Market Dip

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) is predicting an end to the bull run for the nation’s housing boom next year. Right now Canadian home buyers appear immune to ongoing fearmongering as they fight […]

Four Less Conventional Ways To Screen Commercial Real Estate Tenants

Commercial properties and investments can only perform as well as their tenants do. Being overly stringent can sometimes be counterproductive. Growing businesses have a lot to offer landlords, as do established national and international brands. Some of […]

How Might The New Border Tracking System Impact US-Canadian Real Estate Investment

The Canadian Press has picked up on federal government plans to use the 2011 Canada-United States perimeter security pact to slash operating costs and budgets by using tracking records. With the current pressure on for […]