November 2015

Richard Crenian and Brad Powe talks about prospective clients.

Richard Crenian talks with Brad Powe on how to build and maintain prospective clients.
Brad Powe is currently the Regional Director at Freedom 55 Financial. Prior joining Freedom 55 Financial, Powe worked in sales with Pitney […]

June 2015

How to Evaluate a Real Estate Investment Advisor

Seven factors to help evaluate your next real estate investment advisor

With any investment or real estate transaction, the help of a real estate investment advisor can be tremendous. Here are seven factors to help evaluate […]

Richard Crenian at the ScotiaBank Pro-am

Richard Crenian participated in the 2015 ScotiaBank pro-am to help raise awareness and funds in support of Alzheimer’s research.


Prepare to Lose Some, To Gain More

There’s been a lot of talk about being willing to lose in investment circles recently. Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran has gone as far as saying that being ready to fail is one of the […]

May 2015

Dhaman Rakhra – The Richard Crenian Entrepreneur of 2015

I am proud to announce the winner of the 2015 Crenian Entrepreneur of the Year, Dhaman Rakhra!

Dhaman is a graduate of the International Bachelor of Business Administration program from the Schulich School of Business at […]

The Importance of Due Diligence

With current low interest rates, it’s making other types of investments look scary. Alongside, equity is soaring, causing many Canadians to make new real estate investments this year. The safety and profitability of those investments […]

What Does Shopify’s IPO Mean For Retail Property Investors?

Shopify just launched a largely successful IPO on the TSX. However, many are wondering what the commerce services firm’s IPO really indicates is ahead for retail, commercial real estate and investors.

The Canadian firm raised more […]

How Technology Is Improving the Real Estate Marketplace

The large amounts of data technology companies generate are now altering and arguably improving the real estate marketplace on many fronts.

Social media profiles, fitness bands, smartwatches, internet browsing activity and shopping habits are all helping […]