August 2015

How Will The New Sharing Economy Impact Canadian Real Estate?

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Call it the ‘sharing economy’ or ‘the democratization of real estate’. New financial regulations, technology and mindsets are changing how Canadian real estate is bought, financed, managed and sold.
What is driving these […]

July 2015

Current Real Estate Trends for the Self-Employed

According to coverage by the Financial Post it is becoming more difficult for self-employed individuals to qualify for home loans. Even though banks continue to lower interest rates, the new rules and criteria can make it progressively […]

How Will the New Bank Of Canada Rate Cut Impact Real Estate?

The central bank instituted a new 0.25 percent rate cut in mid-July 2015. Surprisingly not everyone is happy about the move. Cutting through all the information and possible misconceptions, below summarizes what you need to know.

Who Wouldn’t […]

Retail Property: How Homelessness Can Impact Investment Properties

Despite many initiatives and millions of dollars being poured in to combat homelessness in North America, it still hasn’t be eliminated. In fact, in many cities homelessness has grown over the last decade, even doubling in places […]

Will a New Pay-By-Mile tax affect Real Estate?

As of July 1st, 2015 Oregon began rolling out its new pay by the mile tax. Twenty-seven other US states are also rumored to be in the midst of rolling out similar plans according to […]

Red Flags Investors Should Watch for When Choosing Firms & Advisors

Selecting a great real estate investment firm or property advisor is critical to the safety and success of your investment portfolio. There is plenty of advice out there on what investors should look for in these firms […]

How to Protect Yourself from a Real Estate Dip

While the Canadian property landscape continues to buck murmurs of being too strong and wealthy international investors are adamant that our real estate is still undervalued, it’s worth spending a moment on a financial checkup. […]

June 2015

Creating a Balanced Real Estate Investment Portfolio in Competitive Times

Everyone is pretty clear that real estate is currently the best investment now for the foreseeable future, leading to a competitive property landscape. This is especially true in Canada and in select US cities, which […]

What To Look For In An International Investment Destination  

As the global economy improves and tempered confidence turns into a voracious appetite for property and yields, the CCIM Institute expects 15 percent more global capital to flow into North America this year. Other cross […]

Richard Crenian at the ScotiaBank Pro-am

Richard Crenian participated in the 2015 ScotiaBank pro-am to help raise awareness and funds in support of Alzheimer’s research.